About Us

Mumin About Us 

We are a Muslim apparel and merchandise company based in the United States catering to modest and faith-minded people. 

Our Mission

Mumin means believer in Arabic, and so Mumin Merch is a store that brings awesome merchandise for the believer. We strive to provide amazing apparel that represents people of faith, especially Islamic culture, values, and thoughts. We believe that people of faith and Muslims should have options beyond the mainstream brands, and we intend to create a brand that is not only fun-spirited but empowering to all believers.

Our Story 

When we were walking down store aisles, it was obvious our voices were not being represented. We thought it was time to bring a modern brand that represented our faith, our values, our culture, and/or our thinking. We decided to design apparel and merchandise that speaks to and represents you as a mumin (believer). 

Our Logo

The Tree of Faith

Our logo is our conceptualization of the tree of faith mentioned in the Quran (14:24). A Muslim's testimony of faith (a good word) or belief in Allah or God (SWT) is likened by God as a good tree. Your faith can constantly bear fruit, reach the heavens, and run deep like roots to keep you firm and stable. This good tree or tree of faith is a powerful symbol and is our chosen logo to represent our efforts and brand.